valle de bravo
 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

From gathering to transformation
From gathering to evolution
From gathering to regeneration


Green Gather is an experiential, integral, and bilingual learning community for children in preschool, elementary and middle school, based in Valle de Bravo.

In Green Gather we believe it is essential our children develop XXI century skills to help them thrive in our changing world. Our method is based on the best global education practices, promoting curiosity and wonder as the main drivers for children to investigate, question and build upon their learning experience. We prepare our students academically, socially, and emotionally in an integral and assertive way.

In Green Gather our children learn to be resilient problem solvers, working with a collaborative, creative, reflective and ethical approach.

In Green Gather our children not only learn about the world, but immerse themselves in it.

Welcome to green gather!

We are a multidisciplinary team, passionate about education and child development. Our learning process promotes creativity, empathy, collaboration and a life-long love for learning. We firmly believe in the transformative power of education, and that when one person teaches, two people learn. Our team has extensive experience in designing and operating educational projects throughout Mexico.

Learning in Green Gather is a journey we share with our teachers, who guide, inspire, care for and nourish the hearts and minds of the children, adolescents and their families throughout their different stages of life. In Green Gather we celebrate every member of the community as the unique individuals they are. Emotional security and connection are indispensable for learning. Therefore, our teachers, as agents of change, are key for our learning community. Our team is made up of responsible, dedicated, sensible and amazing teachers, committed to the integral development of our children.

forest school


One of the pillars of our learning model is based on sustainability, and the respect and care of the unique rhythm and needs of our community and nature.

In our learning community the external space is just as important as the interior. Each location has been thought out and designed for learning at every moment, in an experiential and significant way.

We are blessed with 15 acres of private forest, that allows us to offer multi sensory experiences and connect in a profound way with nature.


Wise action and learning

Emotional intelligence and existential skills

Ecological intelligence

Digital literacy and technological skills

Creativity and critical thinking

Global citizenship skills

Self-directed learning skills

Awareness and wellbeing


Camp Lago y Tierra, Valle de Bravo, Estado de México.
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